script for note cards - How do you feel when helping out...

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How do you feel when helping out those who are less fortunate than us? According to the audience analysis, 50% of you have not participated in a charity but 100% of you feel positive or some sort of satisfaction when lending a helping hand. When I was a sophomore in high school, I enjoyed participating in several community service activities from volunteering for City Hall festivals to building houses for the unsheltered to cleaning up the beach. One particular event I remember was when my French club adopted a francophone refugee family escaping persecution in Cameroon. New to Houston, the charming little family of four got to experience their first Christmas away from home. Our club had donated clothes, food, furniture and toys for the two little boys Christophe and Emil. What I can’t forget is when we first came through their door bearing all of these gifts, and even though my French wasn’t perfect, it didn’t matter. Words couldn’t describe how the mother Sophie felt as she cried while we were unpacking the lazy boy and handed down TV and boxes full of food to fill up her bare kitchen. Little Christophe and Emil were quiet and shy but by the way they held onto their Nerf guns, they understood that they were going to have a very merry and tummy-filling Christmas. In relation, Christian Community Service Center is a great charity that offers many services to those in need in Houston, mainly helping those that are disabled, unemployed, need financial assistance and those in need of an extra boost of food supplies every week. These include the many families with children in inner-city Houston who are starving and at risk of food insecurity. The inability to buy food and shortage in hunger relief are reasons beyond their control. I propose helping volunteer at the Christian Community Service Center and participating in grocery store programs who help local charities like CCSC. First, the rate of hunger in children exists nationally and in our own community. According to the USDA , last year more than 12.6 million children were at risk of going hungry or being food insecure, that’s 17.2% of all children or every one in six. Where does that put us you might ask? According to the same statistics, 5.2 million of those children at risk live in the South, and Texas has by far the highest number of food insecure homes. This is a problem
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script for note cards - How do you feel when helping out...

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