Counseling_Interview - Counseling Interview Opening: Hi...

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Counseling Interview Opening: Hi Sandra! How's it going? Hey Sarah. It's going good. How are you doing with finals? Oh you know, i'm just worried that they're all coming up and at the same time. I know what you mean, they're coming up fast, but we just have to get it done! Are you ready for graduation? Yeah, that's coming up too and I can't wait till we're out of here. Amen. Body: So how are things between you and Joe? Things are going alright, we just have a few minor issues. Well you two have been together for more than two years. Yeah. So what’s going on? Well lately I've had to pick up after him, you know and it's getting old. What exactly do you mean? Essentially he does not clean after himself he’ll leave clothes laying around or he’ll forget to wash the dishes he used and so on. I see, how long has this been going on for?
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Well we moved in 6 months ago, but I started noticing the problem in the last few months. Have you talked to him about the problem? I did but I don’t think I was direct enough I just told him that I would be nice
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Counseling_Interview - Counseling Interview Opening: Hi...

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