journal 2 - Sarah Yim Roubicek Journal 1 Central purpose:...

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Sarah Yim Interviewing Roubicek November 21, 2010 Journal 1 Central purpose: information gathering and listening Jihad was involved in a terrible car accident back in 2007 on the way to school one morning. He was sprayed with rocks by an ignorant driver and so he changed lanes to avoid this driver. In haste, he got behind a large truck with a small bulldozer trailing behind and at the same time unknowingly cutting off an ex-marine. To Jay’s dismay the truck slammed onto his breaks not allowing Jihad enough time to break and he hit the trailer. The truck ran off into a ditch, the bulldozer flipped and Jihad spun out hitting the wall several times. The ex-marine and the driver of the truck said that it was his fault assumed by Jihad because he was a young kid at the time in a fast car and it would be easy to pin it on him. There was another witness who saw what happened but he told Jihad that he had to be somewhere and he was going to tell the police that he was at fault. Jay thought this witness was trying to avoid being involved because he and the witness had similar cars, and he figured that they would both be blamed of speeding. As for Jay’s car, it was completely demolished and the only thing that was untouched was his engine, from which he later used to rebuild his car. Expectations: What gains in experience did “E” learn and how he compensated from a traumatic life experience I would also like to find out more on how “E” was effected by his automobile accident, and what the following consequences were. (How did he suffer?) How may it have affected his ability to work or go to school? Initially I had a chance to briefly hear about his accident. Jihad the interviewee had hit a truck while going to school and he showed me the whereabouts of the accident. He told me his account of what happened and from his story I got a sense that the aftermath was quite tumultuous. Like all major events, I wanted to delve deeper into his story to get his perspective on what he went through. Once I’m done with this interview, I would like to ask Jihad more questions in a second interview. I would like to see how he was impacted, such as in other aspects of his life, and how life went on after that moment. Personal notes: In the opening, I think I needed to work on stating that I’d be taking notes during the interview for my own purposes but I did good stating that the interview was for a school assignment. I think that I showed a good interest in his story as I wanted to know further details about what happened to Jihad before and after. I struggled a bit with
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controlling the interview a few times because I wanted to probe but he had so much to talk about it was very difficult to direct the interview. I told Jihad that his story was very comprehensive. In the next interview I hope to reorganize his thoughts so I have a better foundation to go by in my interview. He had several mixed feelings as he recalled what happened in a few months. Rapport was very good, the environment I placed us in was
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journal 2 - Sarah Yim Roubicek Journal 1 Central purpose:...

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