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Lab 6: Cylindrical Air Columns Objectives By the end of this lab you should be able to: • Calculate the normal mode frequencies of an air column. What to do: • Take notes on what you do. • You will turn in a lab report the following Monday. A template is on the web site. Materials needed: • Air column with water reservoir • Tuning forks • Rubber mallets • Water • Vernier calipers • Speaker driver
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• Lab stand • Lab clamp, and arm • PVC tube • Function generator • Tape measure • Ruler Activity 1: Air column in a tube with one end open and one end closed In this experiment, frequency is fixed and the length of an air column is varied. This will produce resonances in the air column that you will be able to hear. The apparatus consists of a long glass tube that is connected to a movable reservoir by means of a rubber siphon. The water level in the tube and, thus, the length of the air column is controlled by the position of the reservoir. The water surface acts as a closed end and will correspond to a pressure antinode - the
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