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Lab8 GUI design - information Redesign the Root1 and Root2...

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Assignment Data Acquisition in MatLab® The file DAQ_GUI is on nettemp (N:\ABE425). Take this file, and run it in MatLab® to see how it works. This template shows you how to make a simple Graphical User Interface (GUI) with draw down menus. The method used to interface is called the Switchyard concept. Your assignment is to design a GUI for the Load Cell lab (Lab 7). Keep the Files root, you will need to read and save files. Also keep the Help root, it has an About menu that displays information about the program, what it does, what version, who the author is and contact
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Unformatted text preview: information. Redesign the Root1 and Root2 roots, put some menus there that reflect a data acquisition system. Think about the functions that the user needs to have in order to do data acquisition using an NI6008. Add these functions in the program. If you rename the DAQ_GUI.m file, make sure to find/replace ALL instances of DAQ_GUI in the program. In the lab we will add functions to communicate with the NI6008 and data acquisition functions. Later we will add functions to analyze the data for instance using Ordinary Least Squares and Fourier Series....
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