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HW#4 - D the dilution rate Through numerical...

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ChBE 521 Homework 4 due Wednesday, September 30 1. Characterize the solution structure to the equation x 3 - px - r = 0 Use graphical approaches (i.e. geometrical approaches) to determine the bifurcation points. 2. Consider a chemostat at steady state described by the equations 0 = - Dc + v max s K + s c, 0 = D ( s 0 - s ) - Y v max s K + s c. where c denotes the concentration of cells, s the concentration of food,
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Unformatted text preview: D the dilution rate. Through numerical experimentation, determine the condition for washout. In other words, determine the maximum dilution rate that will sustain cell growth as function of the model parameters: s , v max , and K . 3. Beers, 2.A.1 4. Beers, 2.B.3 (You do not need to convert to dimensionless form). 1...
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