3 Perception, Attitudes, and Personality

3 Perception, Attitudes, and Personality -...

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M eet Barry Diller, sixty-two-year-old CEO of Inter- ActiveCorp (IAC) a conglomerate of Internet-based companies he assembled in a Furry of deal making. IAC ranks among the top four Internet companies. It is number four behind Yahoo!, Amazon, and eBay, in that order. Diller simply notes that Internet commerce, especially IAC’s version of it, is the future of every- thing. He recognizes the high risks in his vision and gamble and knows the high payoffs that can follow. Diller poses a personality enigma. 1 A summary of- fered by Diller’s executives says, “He’s arrogant and self-deprecating; certain of his views and questioning of them; he’s created IAC both to satisfy his intellectual curiosity and to make money.” 2 Is Diller’s personality as puzzling as his executives believe? After reading this chapter, review the following personality summary prepared from a major press report of Diller and his activities. Each label for his personality comes from the Big-±ive personality dimensions described later in this chapter. Diller interacts with many people and speaks before large groups—high extroversion. He also carefully as- sesses his business risks and listens carefully to harsh debate among his executives—high emotional stability. He appears arrogant and slick to some people and the opposite to others—middle ground on agreeableness. Diller is extremely hardworking and achievement ori- ented—high conscientiousness. He takes risks and en- joys the challenge of new experiences—high in open- ness to experience. Mr. Diller does not appear enigmatic at all. He has a well-de²ned personality that is understandable with this chapter’s conceptual tools. Chapter Overview Perception Self-Perception: A View of Self Social Perception: A View of Others Attitudes Attitude Formation Attitude Change Personality Personality Theories Emotions and Emotional Intelligence The Big-Five Personality Dimensions Personality Types International Aspects of Perception, Attitudes, and Personality Ethical Issues in Perception, Attitudes, and Personality Student Resources Film clips give a visual reinforce- ment of chapter topics. This chapter’s scene is from The Breakfast Club . >> bizflix video This online tutorial reinforces chapter content by presenting key OB concepts and scenarios. Explore many levels of learning by doing the simulation modules related to perception, attitudes, and personality. >> ob online The Student PowerPoint Lecture Presentation gives you an outline of the chapter content. >> powerpoint These self-assessments give you feedback about key OB concepts and insight into areas that may need further study. >> eExercise cham120006_ch05_v4.qxd 12/21/04 11:43 AM Page 99
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T hree related aspects of human psychology can strongly affect behavior in organi- zations. This chapter begins with a description of the human perceptual process. It then discusses attitudes, how they develop, and how they change. The chapter closes
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3 Perception, Attitudes, and Personality -...

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