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PS50 Notes 4

PS50 Notes 4 - • Arbiter above politics o Do the right...

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Lecture 10/11 -Proportionality increases as district magnitude gets bigger DEFINITIONS Difference between presidential and parliamentary o President elected by people o Par.-interdependent… voters vote for parliament, then parliament pick specific officials o Pres.-separation of powers o Par.- fusion of powers Parliamentary systems are more popular throughout the world Almost every country has a president or a Queen Presidential o Directly elected by people o President names cabinet o Serve fixed link terms o Some law making authority Perils of Presidentialism… President is more fragile to democracies Temporal rigidity…fixed length and time, majoritarian tendencies Dual democratic legitimacy o Divided government… legislature and white house are two completely different things with different interests Advantage of Presidentialism Direct accountability Checks and balances
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Unformatted text preview: • Arbiter above politics o Do the right thing instead of popular thing because they don’t have to worry about elections Tradeoffs • Efficiency vs. checks • Quality of leaders o Should be a populist, everyone likes you o What candidate must have/go through to get to office o PMs tend to be more knowledgeable because he worries his way up through ranks • (in)stability of o Policy o Government o Democracy NOT ALL PRESIDENTIAL SYSTEMS ARE THE SAME Legislative authority • Agenda setting (more powerful) vs. Veto o Decree Power EX. Executive order o Partial vs. Package Veto/ override o Absolute veto…no means no Election Cycles • Concurrent-on term President’s election • Honeymoon period • Reverse Honeymoon • Midterms…all house election, most likely to get a divided government Hybrid: Premier Presidentialism...
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