PS50 Notes 5

PS50 Notes 5 - • Regime attributes o Make governments...

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Lecture 10/13 Parliamentary Government Majority party either loses an election or splits Usually no majority party…no one party has majority of seats Government Types Minimal Winning Coalition (MWC)…no extra parties. If remove any parties, it loses its majority Surplus majority coalition… remove any party and government can still function Minority rule…single-party, muli-party 1/3 of all parliamentary governments are minority Politicians care about… Perks of office Policy Office and the “size principle” Have an extra party in coalition to keep from blackmailing Rare to have a minority coalition How long will government last? Technical…mandated election, death of PM Discretionary…early election, enlarge of government, parliamentary defeat, inter- coalition conflict over policy, inter-coalition conflict not related to policy, intra-party conflict
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Unformatted text preview: • Regime attributes o Make governments last longer or die sooner • Coalition attributes o Connected ones should last longer o Minority might not last as long as majority o If government doesn’t control upper house, it collapses sooner Who gets what? • Portfolio Distribution o Parties get % of what they put in…bigger parties get bigger things • Sub-cabinet post • Committee Chairs How do coalitions govern? • By contract? o What policies are and what to do about them o Distribute jobs • By consensus? o Argue about it then eventually come to an agreement • By delegation o Keeping tabs on partners o Get extremists if you put people with their profession o Delegate to someone who disagrees with them o Don’t let ministries just pass policies…give it to cabinet first o Appoint junior ministers that aren’t in the big party...
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PS50 Notes 5 - • Regime attributes o Make governments...

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