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Tutorial II October 4, 2010 Question 1 (2008/09 Quiz) Consider the following events: (i) Completion of the disk I/O operation (ii) User presses Ctrl-C to kill the foreground running process (iii) Processor accesses a memory location, which is not currently in physical memory (iv) A child process has successfully terminated (v) Processor tries to dereference an uninitialized pointer Indicate which of these events is best defined by each of the following system activities. (Some events can have more than one answer.) (a) Synchronous interrupt (b) Asynchronous interrupt (c) Synchronous signal (d) Asynchronous signal Question 2 (2009/10 Assignment) We have two approaches to support multi-threading in a process. They are the kernel-level threads, which can be mapped to threads within a process; and the user-level threading library, which is independent of any operating system support. Modern operating systems take either approach or a combination of both. a)
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