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Tutorial I September 20, 2010 Question 1 (2009/10 Quiz) An OS provides a system call for requesting allocation of memory. An experienced programmer offers the following advice: “If your program contains many requests for memory, you can speed up its execution by combining all these requests into a single system call.” Explain why this is so. Question 2 (2006/07 Quiz) A process could be in: a) READY state; b) BLOCKED state; and c) SUSPENDEDREADY state. For each of these states discuss how a process might get into the state, what the process is waiting for,
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Unformatted text preview: and the likelihood that the process could get “lost” waiting in the state indefinitely. Question 3 (2003/04 Examination) What is the output of the following C program when running on the terminal, assuming that all the fork() succeeds? When each line is printed? /* #include’s omitted for brevity */ int main() { int i; for (i=0; i<2; ++i) { int is_parent = 1; if (fork() == 0) is_parent = 0; sleep(i+is_parent); wait(0); printf("i=%d, is_parent=%d\n", i, is_parent); } return 0; }...
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