soc11..15.2010 - Fraternal Polyandry fall in love already...

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Fraternal Polyandry fall in love already marriaged. Met with holy man in order to divorce and remarry. She has gone to live with Sonam's family and she is pregnant with his older brother child. She explains how her younger husband is 8. Her mother in law said that sonam would be hurt by the child because it was not his. But she was roud to have 4 husbands and a family and land as one. The more husbands you have the richer and she enjoyed being rich unlike the monogamous couplings in town. Her ex comes back to find her. Sonam doesn't feel the harvest, he has to go to school but has to take days off in order to tend the fields. Because it's partly his responsibility. The family ate together it was gukas return. She had to lie with guka because its his right and he is the eldest. Women hold the family together. She holds the man and in the day for the family. Sonam goes to school she doesn't understand these new ideas. Is under pressure to become monogamy monogamy is under pressure to become? The 2 nd married white American couple. They get married and are in love. The daughter begins to question pre-marital sex and children before marriage/ Mother didn't leave husband because that was necessarily to survive. Man says parents are more Mistresses was wat couples used to do but now people just leave ech other they would stay together logn enough to reproduce. Rodney 2 other children and another wife Says there something wrong with men who aren't or haven't been divorced already. Married at 47 yrs old. He wants his wife to enjoy her life and the lives of his children and hew wants to enjoy life with her. Love begins in home, bounced on knee and bounced off wall. Separation between love and marriage
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soc11..15.2010 - Fraternal Polyandry fall in love already...

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