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Gabrielle Colella Sociology of Intimacy Dr. Cohen 11/17/2010 Strange Relations Journal 1. “There's something wrong with men who aren't or haven't been divorced already.” Rodney. Rodney is presented as a newlywed man to his second wife Jennifer. In the film at one point speaking on marriage he says something of the nature like, “there's something wrong with men who aren't or haven't been divorced already”. I see this statement and even if I took it out of the context of the film I would still believe he is giving a negative connotation to marriage. If one goes into marriage knowing the statistics and knowing that there is basically a 50/50 shot that they'll be divorced and acknowledges that the whole time then they may be the cause of the failure of marriage. I can not see myself marrying a man with that type of attitude or having that negative attitude either. I think that it's important to know and understand the facts but not be apart of the statistic. I am sure if he was not remarrying he wouldn't have said the same thing. Studies have shown the more times you remarry the greater than chances of divorce come. Having this idea of trial and error works a lot better in dating than marriage. You can constantly go out and meet new people and create and cut relationships but when it comes to marriage it's either it is or it's not. It's funny that Rodney only uses men as an example he doesn't say well if people aren't or haven't been divorced at least once from their first marriage then there is something wrong with them. But is there really something wrong? There could be a number of reasons that couple is still together either negative or positive. A couple could just be that compatible that divorce will never be an option. On the other hand there are couples that are either trying to make it work or staying together for the children. Whatever the matter there is nothing wrong with people who remain married for the right reasons. This statement also tells us much about Rodney. He may have been the reason for the divorce or he could have fell out of love. If people are so afraid of what may happen they should avoid marriage at all costs.
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I think also his marriage with Jeniffer may not even last that long. One considering the fact that through cohabitation with one another and having children they already beat the odds of a break up but that is not the reason I think they'll split. I think they may face signing the papers because Jeniffer did not have an initial desire to marry and from what it appears like is that Rodney pressured her. Under pressure anyone will say and take action in things they don't want to. Rodney does admit that he found friendship and companionship with her which is good but is it what she found? I admit I may be judging Rodney on my personal opinion but for some reason I see that there is
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journal - Gabrielle Colella Sociology of Intimacy Dr. Cohen...

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