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Types of Residence Patterns 1.Neolocal-couple expects to live by themselves nuclear family-basis subtype when couple lives with parents (stem family) European peasantry 2.Patrilocal- bride lives with husband's extended family or patrilineage, communal values, patriarchy, rights to the children with husband 3.Matrilocal- husband lives with bride's extended matrilineage, communal values, rights to children with wife, sex/gender varies but more egalitarian 4.Uvunculocal- bride lives with her brother, associated with matrilineal kinship, communal values, rights to children with woman and her eldest brother
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Unformatted text preview: Types of Property Transfers 1.Neolocal/Nuclear/Stem Family partible inheritance-land and property divided amongst all sons impartible inheritance- one son inherits dowry-daughter (sometimes) is given wealth/sometimes money to form a marriage and begin a separate family 2.Patrilocal-bride price- wealth is given by the groom's extended family to compensate for their loss of a worker/daughter 3.Matrilocal-bride service- husband lives with the bride's extended family group for a time before marriage to rove he is a worthy husband...
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