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Types of Polyandry polyandry- one woman with more than one husband uncommon form Nayorcaste in Kerela, India, Mosuo in China these stretch concepts of marriage fraternal polyandry-one woman marries brothers Nyimba, Tibet Fraternal Polyandry Advantages Men Nyimba-land intact sexual variety (mosuo, Nayar) no responsibilities to biological children Women Nyimba-women gain more financial stability, secure sexual partners varied with little commitmeent Disadvantages Men Nyimba if you are younger you get stuck in a marriage without any say
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Unformatted text preview: Women Sororate-a woman must marry hr dead sister's husband levirate- the widow will marry her dead husbands brother a widow is vulnerable with the levirate she'll be taken care of Residence Patterns neolocal- couple lives on their own patrilocal-wife lives with the husbands extended family matrilocal- husband lives with wife's extended family uvunculocal-wife lives with her brother...
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