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Gabrielle Colella Professor Cohen Sociology of Intimacy 10/07/2010 Destined for Equality Robert M. Jackson 1.“Women who absorbed the egalitarian implications of modern education felt confused, burdened, and irritated by the contrary expectations that they display a subordinate femininity. The intrinsic contradictions between these two role expectations could only end, Komarovsky declared, when women’s real adult role was redefined to make it “consistent with the socioeconomic and ideological modern society.” (p107) In this reading Jackson explains how Mirra Komarovsky studied affluent college students during WWII and her findings of young women and their distress between two roles. The first role was the feminine role and how they were to be subordinate and respectful to men and focus on a future of familial activities. The second role, the “modern” role, with expectations of education eliminating/lessening the difference between men and women. Women did not understand how they could both be subordinate to men while being able to be individuals and equals among them through an education. Komarovsky explains that the contradiction between the two roles would stop when women’s adult role would be transitioned into a supporting egalitarian society of equality in regards to jobs and wages as well as the ideal society of equality that women want. I know the first role has changed greatly since the time of WWII. For sure, women in modern society are more likely to have focus upon themselves and being independent with their own careers and money rather than the support of a man. I see every reason for women to had been confused about equality during that time. The women are being encouraged to go out get an education and make a career for themselves but at the same time are reminded of their mothers/wives role. I’m sure women are able
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to play both roles but to be subordinate to their man contradicts the whole role of obtaining an education and being independent. I agree with Kamorovsky when she explains that society must change in order for women to be equals among men. The wages and jobs need to readily available for both men and women as well as equal in their earnings. The overall ideological society of the time was one in which education would lead women to equality but apparently not everyone was on that page which made it harder for women to shed the image of being a future mother/wife and instead take on the role of a scholar with a career and/or a mother/ wife also. I chose this quote because this is surely an example of how people conform to society. If there’s a strong encouragement of people to do something to better themselves and make them more equal of course they will partake in that action especially if it’s something they were restricted to and really wanted. But, if you give them another option but still expect them to pursue the role society has given them that’s been one of the main reasons they have not progressed for equality then it becomes irrelevant to give them another option. Either way they are still oppressed just under new circumstances.
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Socjournal4 - Gabrielle Colella Professor Cohen Sociology...

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