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Gabrielle Colella Sociology of Intimacy Professor Cohen 9/30/2010 Societies Direct Effects on Family Life In the film it was mentioned by one of the actors/participants that there were many societal factors that developed and established certain types of family structures. The three factors mentioned and explained were economy, politics, and culture. In an earning society one of young laborers and emphasis on all family members of the family providing for the household. The children/young adults tend to be more mature and have a healthier work ethic than those with either one or two parents working. This was also more of the lifestyle pre-industrialization. When there were no child labor laws children would shifts that their parents did even at very young ages. This type of lifestyle still exists but not as greatly as it used to for families living and tending on land as their main source of income or just for the land that they own. As for Industrialization movement kids were taken out of the work force and encouraged to get an education. Along with the movement came labor laws for children so they were not allowed to work as long/or not as all. Since at this time and now education is so prevalent kids were kept in school longer rather than their 5 th grade education or less they were receiving before industrialization. Keeping children in school longer expanded their mind, kept them away from the homes, and created new opportunities for them to branch out in the future and made the transition to leave the home easier. Since teaching and learning has left the home and is being done in other institutions I.e. schools the families role is not as influenced to be teachers. The care for
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the elderly and keeping them in the home is less likely due to retirement homes and nursing homes. Another system of family life was that of those of very participant family members. In families that lived in an agrarian society. It is necessary for these families to all work and since their land is fertile and a major source of their economy they re always together. These families are usually very large and live in the household together. Many
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journalmovie1 - Gabrielle Colella Sociology of Intimacy...

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