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socjournal19.2.10 - Gabrielle Colella Sociology of Intimacy...

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Gabrielle Colella Sociology of Intimacy Pro. Cohen 9.2.10 Friendship In the above picture three friends lying on a beach they’re all smiling and this is my interpretation of an ideal friendship. Friends take part in activities such as going to the beach and unwinding with each other. The girls are body to body and are extremely close to one another physically. This to me explains their closeness as friends and how comfortable they are in physically being outwardly intimate on a friend level. The fact that they are all female embodies the togetherness females have with one another. We all share a similar bond even if personality wise we are completely different people. Although all the females appear to be Caucasian they are differently built physically and have their own unique look. This picture reminds me more of the “sisterhood” bond that females or people in general establish with their close friends. It like they are so close to each other one can’t determine the difference and the friends don’t feel it either. I think the picture poses a positive message about friendship and the importance just hanging out with your friends of the same sex. This is what people see as a normal female relationship amongst one another. An outsider may assume that the female in the center of the other two may stand out among the others and be the most attractive. The negatve image that maybe portrayed is the fact that they all appear to be one ethnicity and in turn thy may not have a diverse group of friends but one can not really make these assumptions from a picture. The female in the center pops out of the picture an seems like more like the friend that outshines the others.
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The image proves that there is a friendship relationship over any other because no female is showing real affection for another. None of the members appear to be looking at one another in any manner. You get a sense that those in the picture are friends by the playfulness they pose in their bodies. On a personal note, when me and my friends have taken photos together we’ve always been straight-faced to the camera and each have tried to stand out on our own rather than kiss or hold hands. The females are comfortable in
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