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Gabrielle Colella Race and Ethnicity Dr. Surrey 11/10/2010 Haitian Club: The Expo The Haitian Club and Social Justice Department presented an event called the Expo. It opened up with a guest Speaker, Daniel Tillias, he was presented the Martin Luther King award for service. I think he deserved it a lot and he very much appreciated it. I think any work and fund raising done for the people in Haiti should be honored and appreciated. Although, we're not a country that gets too much funding from other organizations outside of the U.S. Or at least I don't hear about it I think it's always important as a unit to help out neighboring countries around the world. It not only is a necessity and a way to win other countries as allies but it's a way to do a good deed in small ways. Even a dollar can go a long way. I think that a lot of people don't donate enough. I know that I don't necessarily give money to every organization myself but I know if I have the change or am walking out the grocery store I will give my spare change to a can holder, every little bit counts. When I heard about money raised for Haiti that had not been sent over I like many others were in outrage. I can not even think twice about taking money for a cause in donations and not give it directly to the country and those supporting. I think that it is hard now-a-days to determine legit donation collectors and those that are not. I hesitate at times from giving money to those kids who hold candy boxes outside my job because we sell those same boxes of candy that they are selling outside for 3x the price of candy bars even sold in the store. They often try to even make deals and after I get those offers I rethink giving my money because they begin to bargain, you can't bargain for donations!
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HaitianExtraCredit - Gabrielle Colella Race and Ethnicity...

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