Checkpoint 2 - Checkpoint 2 Argument Credibility Yolanda...

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Checkpoint 2: Argument Credibility Yolanda Campos I believe that my classmate did identify the claim well, the classmate did provide a link to the video or article but I did not find it. California wants to legalize marijuana for the ages 21 and over. There are pros and cons trying to decide whether or not to allow this law to take place. They believe that it will solve many problems like financial, employment, and over two million saving on law enforcement alone. They are trying to compare marijuana with alcohol how it will be successful as in when they legalized it and bump up their numbers of savings and business. My classmate has compared the claims against his or her personal observation; I agree and disagree by my own personal observation. We have similarities on the conflicts which are that no many know how to handle the ability to use this drug and how they would react to it. People in California will make their decision whether to use this drug or not and figure if this is best for them in their life. We also agree on the consequence people will face, when comparing alcohol people have done many great awful things because of the use of alcohol, like driving drunk, fights and death that are cause because of using alcohol and it is the same when the use of marijuana. The difference are he or she agree on the use of marijuana will approve on the economy and medical field; I believe that it is the opposite and will cause
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Checkpoint 2 - Checkpoint 2 Argument Credibility Yolanda...

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