Checkpoint Argument Credibility

Checkpoint Argument Credibility - Checkpoint: Argument...

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Checkpoint: Argument Credibility Yolanda Campos Opening Argument on Prop 8 to Start Monday Arguments are the same like having a disagreement with someone else, but there are ways to avoid fights. I choose this video because many people have their own point of view on how the see or look at a situation. The claims that are being made in the video are about gay marriages in California, a trail is being held and video tape to be posted on YouTube. California is having a vote whether to allow gay marriages or not. Many people who were supporting gay marriage were being attacked on the street, fights were being stopped and arguments between one another were everywhere. Many people had their disagreements on allowing gay marriages to happen and stand to their opinion but also many supported gay marriage, either they are gay, have family members or friends that are gay, and many other reasons why. Whether it is or not the claim does and does not conflict with my personal life or
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Checkpoint Argument Credibility - Checkpoint: Argument...

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