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Assignment analyzing credibility

Assignment analyzing credibility - Assignment Analyzing...

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Assignment: Analyzing credibility Yolanda Campos The two examples of my choices are progressive and pedigree. I believe that progressive and pedigree paid for each example that where created. I cannot detect a slant in neither the progressive nor the pedigree commercials. Progressive commercials are to save people money and even more if to choose in a bundle. Pedigree’s commercials are to help dogs in their health and help other to adopt and care for their dog. Progressive helps the society on keeping more money in their customer’s pocket and I think it is credibility because when talking to a representative, the representative will help pick his or her price or payments and could rely on one company insecure all their insurance needs. I do not think that pedigree is credibility because when seeing their commercial I do not think about what they are trying to sell because I was more into the dogs and how cute they were. Giuliani remembers of 911 source’ of credibility are not skeptical, he used his own
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