Chapter 5 midterm review

Chapter 5 midterm review - The first half of chapter five...

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The first half of chapter five regards task of choosing a topic for your speech. It splits this up by asking what makes for a good topic and then answering and providing strategy for choosing a good topic. Choosing a good topic is vital because the relationship of the topic to the speaker must be strong to give a strong speech. As such, the topic must be important to the speaker, interesting to the audience, and worthy of the listeners’ time. It must also be appropriate in both scope and delivery and be delivered with clarity. Choosing a good topic is made easier by using a couple of different techniques, the first of which involves conducting a personal inventory. This inventory sees what topics the speaker has an interest in and exploring which ones could be shared with the audience. Next, the speaker brainstorms ideas and then narrows them to a manageable amount of information for the speech. After this is done, a strategic plan for the speech must be developed by identifying a purpose and then forming your speech to fit that
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