Assignment Ethnic Group and Discrimination

Assignment Ethnic Group and Discrimination - Assignment...

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Assignment: Ethnic Group and Discrimination Yolanda Campos Mexican American Mexican American has a lot of history and traditional facts that we use and celebrate. Mexican is known by their tongue of language of Spanish Culture. I was born in Florida but I was raise in Texas. My parents are Hispanic and most days now you hear teenager and children at young age speaking Spanish. I say that Spanish is the new English. Mexican is also known for their food, many different people of different culture today favor Mexican food. The search for economic opportunities accounted for most of the migration, first in railroad jobs, then as agricultural laborers by the 1910s ( Segrue. 2003). Roughly 500,000 Mexican immigrated to the United States during the 1920s (Segrue. 2003). Porfirio Diaz dramatically expanded Mexico’s railroad system, promoted land privatization, and encouraged as witch from peonage to wage labor (Hernandez. 2009). By close of the 1930s, many of the repatriates had abandoned the agricultural colonies and began to return to the United States (Hernandez. 2009). On August 4, 1942, the United States and Mexico Signed abilateral agreement established the Bracero Program, under which the United States Government contracted Mexican laborers to work in the United States, particularly on
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Assignment Ethnic Group and Discrimination - Assignment...

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