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Capstone Checkpoint Yolanda Campos I did not understand the difference between race and ethnicity group until I took this class. The information taught helped me better to understand the concepts of every ethnicity group and their culture, belief, and their life style. I learned a lot about my culture history, Hispanic American are not only Mexican American but also a lot other ethnicity group who belong to this group. I learned that no matter if we were in the same group we are different in every kind of way, the looks, style, language, culture, and coming from different areas. Trends in immigration continue to shape the face of the United States. I believed that in the year 2050 the face would look like Hispanic American-Hispanic American takes the leads on population and continue to grow as in Whites percentage is decreasing. I believe that immigrants
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Unformatted text preview: will continue to increase in Untied States and bring great things to this country like learning about all the different culture, beliefs, food, style, and many more. The worst part will be an immigrant’s world and Americans will be out grown. I think that for future wise United States only way of changes is by preparing their children for the better. Teach their children to understand the different race and ethnicity groups that live here in United States and teach them how to respect one another and never to stereotype and discriminate against anyone. I also think to encourage public and private schools to teach our children about each in every race and ethnicity group for a better understand and maybe to decrease stereotype and discrimination against certain groups....
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