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Checkpoint Assignment: Legislation Legacy Yolanda Campos One article called “NACI Condems Mayor Bloomberg’s “Cowboys hat and shotgun” Statement, Calls for Public Apology” is about a Mayor making a racist remark against Indian organization and President of the NACI wrote a thoughtful letter to the Mayor asking him to apologize to Indians, Governor, and the citizens of United States for his stereotype statements. I believe that in this situation; people especially the major people that United States looks up to should think before saying anything to discriminate any type of ethnic group. Indians should not be talk as an object of the history, but as an American. The second article is called “I’ll be the
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Unformatted text preview: judge of that” this article talks about Native American not following the law for sales tax when selling cigarettes to an non-Indian. Now New York is facing a hole of $200 Million, so the Native American lawsuit was for Indians to follow the law of sale taxes. I know that sales taxes follow to everyone so Indian didn’t think it would be a problem when they face discrimination, abuse, no freedom and no rights. I think in order to fix this situation Native American should receive their rights in order to obey the law....
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