Checkpoint Characteristics of Orientalism Prejudice and Discrimination

Checkpoint Characteristics of Orientalism Prejudice and Discrimination

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Checkpoint: Characteristics of Orientalism, Prejudice, and Discrimination Yolanda Campos Muslims and Arabs are different in many ways Arabs are an ethnic group and Muslims are a religion group. They both worship the same God but Arabs have a different ways of saying God, they call him the God of Moses or Jesus and Muhammad. According to the society today Muslim and Arab American are treated and accused what happen to New York, twin towers. When crimes and death is pointed against Muslim and Arabs they think of it as in what ever happened to them the must of deserved it. I believe that no matter
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Unformatted text preview: what kind of race or religion you’re in you should be treated like any American, no matter what had happen at New York or anywhere else do to Iraq it does not mean that every Muslim and Arab had anything to do with it. We are responsible on what we do not what other had done. I think that people should have some sense on other people feeling and think before they say anything against anyone to hurt them. I will also encourage town and cities to have a fiesta or play so everyone could see how prejudice and discrimination can cause damage to people life and future....
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