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Checkpoint: Implicit Association Test Yolanda Campos I had taken the skin tone IAT test and my test results were that my data suggest little to no automatic preference between dark skin and light skin. I feel that these test results are not so accurate; to me I felt like I was playing a game of pictures of different color and words of good and bad and put them where they told you to put them and then which to a different location. According to my test results I do believe that my results are what I feel about skin tone. I treat everyone equally like everyone should be. In my opinion I believe it is very difficult to accurately measure prejudice because you cannot determine anyone by
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Unformatted text preview: their look or appearance that they are prejudices. Prejudice you either are or not you cannot be a little or kind of prejudice. Measurements are impossible to measure between ethnic groups you cannot tell which ethnic group is more or less prejudice. Another measurement is called scapegoat which is one group accusing one another for an illness, or disease. Even such as sending a goat to the wild to wash all your sins. Take the test is an eye opener because you find out things and feeling that you taught you never had before....
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