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Checkpoint Modern Challenges in Immigration

Checkpoint Modern Challenges in Immigration - the cost and...

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Checkpoint: Modern Challenges in Immigration Yolanda Campos Chinese Immigration As a Chinese immigrate I would love to immigrate to the United States of America because of their known freedom and they pay more than china for a job and it’s a better place to raise my children. United States have better education to offer. Naturalization is a big part of coming to United States to learn about the US government and history. To become an American is a great pleasure to know about how the United States came about. I never done a wrong thing to anyone and I deserve a better life like everyone else and great future for my children to live a wonderful life, like every parent would want for their kids and never go through want we went through. So
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Unformatted text preview: the cost and finger printing is all worth to become a citizen. I think that United States should not favor any immigrants because of their rich or talents, they are many immigrants that want a citizenship and need help to a better life to become something in life to fulfill their dreams and their long term goals and to have better for their children. Citizenship should not matter to whom them give it to but take full consideration because they do not want to just give their citizenship to any enemies to later to find out that they are terrorizing the country....
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