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Checkpoint: Defining Race and Ethnicity Yolanda Campos 1. What do the term race and ethnicity mean to you? 2. Why are these concepts important to United States society? Every time I have to fill out paper work these two things never fail of being ask. When I see the word race, I think of skin color for instance it does not matter what ethnicity group you belong to its all about you skin color. You can be Mexican American and light complicated and under the race of white and visa a versa if you were dark and Mexican American you could be under the race black. Color to me never mattered to some people it means a whole lot. Also it’s something that you can see the difference like the nose, eyes, and the way their dressed. Ethnicity means to me is your bloodline. Depends on where you were born and what
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Unformatted text preview: your parents fall under. For an example: my parents are both Mexican American and I was born in United States so my siblings and I are Mexican Americans. Even by the way someone talks or eat a certain food like Chinese, Italian, Mexican even American is how you can see their ethnicity. These concepts are very important to United States because they will like to know how many of a different culture are living in United States. United States stands for freedom and everywhere you go you can learn about anything from any different culture without leaving United States. United States like to find out how many people of a different race or ethnicity live there and to see how much will it grow of over years....
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