Journal Entry - Assignment: Journal Entry of a Subordinate...

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Assignment: Journal Entry of a Subordinate Group Member Yolanda Campos The Angels of Heaven Being an African American is a very tough and remembrance of living. According to Mathieu 2009 “Africans American were forcibly removed from Africa during the slave trade or sold across plantations in the American South and Caribbean, people of African descent in the existence”. It all begin in “August, 1619 the first African as slave labor are introduced in America, a Dutch trader exchange his cargo of Twenty African for food in Jamestown, Virginia”(Black History,). I did not liked being forced to be taken away from our home to live in Virginia to work for free. We had to surrender our right of being a human and to be criticized by the color of my skin. “1662 Virginia law assumed all African would remain servants for life” (Drewry2010). When being sold we had to give up our rights. “Housing, food and clothing were very poor quality and seldom exceed what was considered minimally necessary to maintained the desire level of work” (Drewry2010). We were starving of the little amount or even no amount of food and water provide for us. “We introduced rice plants to the American’s and taught the English settler how to cultivated and irrigate the crops” (Black History,). According to Darity2008 in the “1400s to the 1600s as colonization and expanded, the Spanish and other Europeans began to consistently
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Journal Entry - Assignment: Journal Entry of a Subordinate...

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