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Assignment: Communicating in Forums Yolanda Campos Anthony, It is very important to use inclusive language when communicating in class forums because when you’re face to face with someone they can tell on your expression on how you feel about the conversation. Since you’re doing a communication using the treaded forum you may want to think before you start writing and figure out how the audience will see your response. Your classmates cannot see the tone your setting, here are some example you may want to use such as color and nice lettering and lots of detail on how you feel, you can also use emotion cons. Using
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Unformatted text preview: some of these gesture will avoid any misunderstanding responds. Just choose your words wisely and read out loud you have just written to find any negative respond because many people can misconstrue your meaning. Also respond to everyone in your classmate as one instead of individual. I had a problem with the same situation you were going through I did not mean to hurt anyone feelings but it was my fault because I did not follow simple steps so be careful on how you use your word and remember to always read your responds out loud. Sincerely Yolanda Campos...
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