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Assignment Time - appointment and therapy for Zechariah so my day is never the same because I never know when the appointments well be done they

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Assignment: Time Management Skill Yolanda Campos Time Management is very hard to stay maintain, I do try to keep a schedule but my days are very different in timing. Every day is never the same but to keep up with my academic goal: I try to stay focus and clam and trying to get my work done correctly. Being a full-time mom, I have lot priorities to do. First I have to make sure everyone is feed in the morning, dressed and settle so I can take a shower, clean, and feed myself. My Husband only have the time in the morning to spend quality time with us (the family) so we either read book or play even talk to each other until daddy have to leave for work. Second I have to clean the dishes put the baby to sleep and gave any toys to my 3 year old so I can pay any attention to school. Last is cooking, clean and taking the kids a bath and spending time with them. My youngest son of all needs the most attention because he is deaf and cannot hear at all only out of one ear so I have lots of
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Unformatted text preview: appointment and therapy for Zechariah so my day is never the same because I never know when the appointments well be done, they make take many hours of the day. So it leaves me very little time to establish with. My only support I have is from my lovely husband that tells me every day to get ahead of my work and to make sure I understand what the subject of today is. He supports with comfort and help I need due by the kids in the weekends when he is off. I do not live that far away from the school of University of Phoenix so, if anytime my computer will go down; I can always go down and finished my work. There is also the library that only 10 minutes away. To keep track of my assignment and due dates I print out a calendar and syllabus and write everything in my journal. My calendar is posted for both classes are my screensaver and also posted on the refrigerator. My life maybe difficult and many to do but, keeping stress and staying focus will always keep on track....
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