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Capstone DQ - information and with the strategies we...

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Capstone DQ Yolanda Campos The most important lesson I learned in this course was week eight, Personality and Learning Style. I selected this lesson to be the most important because I did not know what my strongest and weakest areas were, until finishing the lesson. I can now work on my weak areas and know what my strongest areas are. I think that every lesson I learned are very useful for our current and future career like time management and reading comprehension and retention strategies because it will help us to set time and schedule, to keep us on track and stay on track. Also most jobs, has to do with reading and retention
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Unformatted text preview: information and with the strategies we learned we can take it with us everywhere, not just our career but in everything, we do throughout the day. Theses lesson, I were taught and completed will help me completing my program by sticking by the lesson and reread them now in then to stay refresh. Helped me improve my skills of learning and making new improvements to help me focus, concentrate with my schoolwork, and never lose track. Just keep my head up high and with theses lesson systematically will help guide the way to success....
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