Checkpoint Multiple intelligences

Checkpoint Multiple intelligences - Checkpoint: Multiple...

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Checkpoint: Multiple Intelligences Yolanda Campos To find my strong intelligences, I have taken a test of Multiple Intelligences and found my strongest intelligences are Interpersonal Intelligences, which means is a people person a deep understanding of what motivates other people, well at understanding other people’s needs and work well with teams & communicate well with others. I always been an interpersonal, I love to communicate with other and help other with problems. My friends always called me for advice or help with their relationship or concern they are having. My first article is called, How can University Professor help their student understand issue of diversity through interpersonal and intrapersonal?. “Typically, students who operate well in the Interpersonal Intelligence tend to understand other people well, can mediate conflicts, understand and recognize stereotypes and prejudice, enjoy cooperative learning strategies, group projects, give feedback, and display empathy”( Strasser, 2005). “Interpersonal Intelligence denotes a person’s capacity to
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Checkpoint Multiple intelligences - Checkpoint: Multiple...

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