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Checkpoint: Online Research Due Day 3 Week 2 Yolanda Campos I go to the library all the time with my kids. It is not the same doing research information at a tradition library. Were it is not very quiet and there is not a lot of information to find, it’s very difficult to find any information; it will probably take hours to find a particular subject you’re looking for. Based on the tutorial information was quite specific and understanding. My personal approach is to be specific on certain words and to look over different articles and journals to find exactly what am looking for. I will rather do research online that doing them at a traditional library. Online research you find things faster and more reliable and you get your
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Unformatted text preview: resources right when you find your information. Web researches are not so difficult, after review the tutorial, when looking for a specific subject using “or “and “and” to find what you’re looking for. For an example of using the search keyword you can try; Music (Rock or Rap) or (Hip Hop and R&B). Also the difference between the both is that online research you don’t have to go anywhere or out of you way to go to the library. The tradition library you have to wait in line and look though lots of selves and even have to wait to use the computer....
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