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Checkpoint: Reading and Comprehension Yolanda Campos PowerPoint’s Presentation: What not to do. When reading the passage “8 Secrets to Knockout Business Presentation”, the passage taught me how to demonstrate and what not to do in a presentation. When giving a presentation using a PowerPoint slide, never mention any jokes or personal stories about your life to your audience, they want to know how you can help them and they do not want to hear about your history. You are there to talk about business, not to put your audience to sleep. You never want to overflow a lot of information and avoid big words, so you do not have your audience leave
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Unformatted text preview: with a question on their face. You want your audience to leave with their heads up high and glad they went to presentation. My approach was not to have my audience bored of their minds but to make them feel comfortable and welcome. My setting about the topic was very understanding and well worded, that PowerPoint’s presentation is not just about a slide show but to make it more spontaneous. To minimize distraction I went to a different room and put my headphones on to listen to the music while my husband takes care of the kids....
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