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Checkpoint Setting Goals - only have to worry about the...

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Checkpoint: Setting Goals Yolanda Campos My first long-term goal is to finish my education, I been going to school at University of Phoenix to have a career as a Medical Billing and Coding specialist. I chose this goal because I always wanted a better career for myself and to have a job that I like to do and have fun and so my husband would not have a lot of pressure on him. My long-term goal will be difficult but not so difficult to achieve. It’s my first time doing online classes that most of the time it is very confusing and you have to teach yourself but I always find a way to fix the problem. I either call my student consult or ask question to my peers or instructor. To make sure my long-term goal will succeed I made a list of short-term goals. I take two classes in nine weeks so my first short-term goal is to turn in all my assignment for Gen 105, and Eth 125 for week five the deadline is on Sunday September 19, 2010. My second short- term goal is to start week six and get ahead on my work so when the final comes I
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Unformatted text preview: only have to worry about the final and getting it in on time due date for final is October 15, 2010. My second long term- goal is to save money for Christmas. One Christmas my kids did not have the best Christmas I taught they would have, so I blame myself for it. So I chose this goal because I grow up without a Christmas so I wanted my kids to have the best Christmas that I never had. I know that this year is going to be better because I set up my goal and in order to achieve them to I set up a list of short-term goals. Knowing that I still have to pay bills but if I cut down going out to eat every week and not to go out shopping it will be a little difficult but I have my husband to back me up. My first short-term goal is every month of this year 2010 I will only pay bills the due date is at the end of every month. My second term-goal is to put the money in a different account until December to start the shopping for Christmas day....
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