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eduandcareer - career Just as you set both short and long...

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Educational and career goals are different because educational goals are short term and career goals are long term. Educational goals can be gained over a period of 4 years or more depending on you career goal. I say they are short term due to that, it is a goal set in a short period of time, where as career gaols are set for the extended period of your life. It is what you are striving for, that career. They are the same in a way to where as one is needed for the other. You need a great education to get a great lasting
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Unformatted text preview: career. Just as you set both short and long term goals, you set yourself up to get a good education to get a good job. It is important to set both educational and career goals because you need a point to reach for in life. If you never set an educational or career goal you will bounce around trying this and trying that and never reach a ending point, accomplishing not as much as you would if you have a goal in mind. Time watsed is time lost, and time is a precious thing to waste....
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