Elevator Speech - your time in class sitting there listen...

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Checkpoint: Elevator Speech BY: Yolanda Campos One Saturday morning, my friend Sarah and I went to go shopping but before we went shopping we had lunch. We sat and ate our food. Sarah and I are going for the same career but she goes to San Antonio College in a classroom face to face. I began telling her about distance learning online classroom. When she was interesting about the axia course and she wanted to learn more about how it works and what was so different between to two. I told her that everyone in the classroom and the instructor login in to the forum. It’s like a big classroom without the desk and the schedule time. Sometime we may or may not be online at the same time, this is called asynchronous communication. Being in a face to face classroom you have to be there at a certain time and have to put things out of the way so you can be in school. If you were in an online class you could be doing things in your own time and still be getting your work done. You don’t have to get up early or spend most of
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Unformatted text preview: your time in class, sitting there listen to the instructor talking all though the whole class hour. Doing online course is the same thing doing face to face course but they have their difference. I communicate with my classmate in the forum. Where we answer question to a discussion question as we respond and our classmate can agree or disagree which is a long tread which we created which is called treaded discussion. We communicate Just like if you were having a conversation in class. Once we turned in our assignment we get feedback from our instructor letting us know how we did. If I don’t get an assignment I can email him where he will write back or call him at the time he requested. After going through the concept on distance learning was all about, Sarah decided to change her course to online at University of Phoenix. Am so glad that I understand thing a lot better and Sarah had more time to spend with her son....
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Elevator Speech - your time in class sitting there listen...

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