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Week 6 HSM 430
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HSM 430 Week 6 Marketing Goals What do I want to achieve? The purpose of the marketing plan is to address and assess the health care needs of Dooly County, particularly in Vienna Georgia, the county seat of the area. The purpose of this plan is to also devise an optimal plan to meet and solve the healthcare concerns and issues of the citizens in this county. The overall goal or reason for the existence of this marketing plan is to provide a more affordable, convenient, and optional for of health care service or services. Such services may include but are not limited to services in the form of emergency after hour care and specialty practitioners and physicians. Survey and analyze the needs of the community by way of research and evidence based information from the people who will be the overall consumers of the product once finalized. The goal statements are challengeable yet, attainable and include the following: 1) Assess surrounding areas or counties and investigate if other health facilities of this caliber already exist. 2)
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