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Welcome to BISM 2100 Business Information Systems and Communication About this Course This three-credit hour class provides the business undergraduate with foundational knowledge on information systems, software applications, and business communication. This course is fully online and does not require any face-to-face interaction. All assignments and exams are completed and submitted virtually. A strong knowledge of the VISTA course management system is necessary for enrollment. Instructors may ask for a virtual meeting; several time and date options will be offered. Application software use and information technology concepts are focused upon to provide the student with the skills to enter and successfully complete the rigors of Upper Division Business Core classes. This course assumes a basic proficiency in MS Office products (Word, Excel and Power Point). Basic proficiency is defined by the skill set offered in the Information Technology Services (ITS) training courses in Beginning MS Word, MS Excel, and MS PowerPoint. This course also assumes basic IT literacy. Students should know basic file management, IT terms, and web tools. Please review these skills to assess your incoming skills level. Training booklets and course registration can be found at On-line learning requires a reliable network connection, self-motivation, time management, and the ability to access resources. It is a wonderful experience, but is not for everyone. Please ensure that you have the requisite incoming skills to enjoy and succeed in this environment. As this course delves into application software, students are required to have access to sufficient technology. Software used in this course requires Microsoft Windows, XP, 2000, or VISTA in compatibility mode. Operating Systems and Software is required for the successful completion of this course. Students will be required to convert older versions of MS Office to Office 2007. Please visit the Microsoft Download Center to obtain the necessary converters.
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Learning Objectives Coles College BISM 2100 Students identify problems and opportunities that can be addressed through the use of technology. Students evaluate web pages for credibility and usefulness. Students construct Boolean searches to learn for effective database research skills. (Assessment – Homework and Tests) Critical Thinking Students illustrate awareness of cyber ethics and responsibility. They are confronted with making ethical choices on-line. Cyber ethics are presented and recent cases involving ethical conduct and the internet are introduced (Class Discussions) Ethics Students form teams and collaborate on tasks to perform effectively. They learn to utilize planning and evaluation skills to create effective teams. (Assessment – Homework)
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BISM_2100_Online_Summer_2010_Cochran - Welcome to BISM 2100...

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