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Compare - Product Name The good and Bad Trial Period Record...

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Product Name The good and Bad Trial Period Record Meetings Dimdim þ No Go To Meeting þ þ Dimdim seems to be a very viable solution that is minimally invasive, requires no software install for the “Pro” edition, has a reasonable feature set, and is easy to operate. The features are clearly laid out, and the web utility makes life easy for the end user. GoToMeeting has several nice meeting features. It allows recording of meetings for future review, accountability measures to promote attendance, and the ability to share control and view of your screen in several ways. However, that is the extent of the feature set. It is not an all encompassing solution to managing a virtual team and would require the user to find others ways to share documents, manage projects, create groups and tasks, etc.
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Huddle þ þ Nomadesk No No The Huddle service has many positive attributes and an impressive feature list. It offers basic features in all areas pertinent to virtual teaming, and advanced features in most categories.
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  • Spring '10
  • Hannah
  • Collaborative software, Web conferencing, virtual teaming, Dimdim GoToMeeting Huddle, virtual teaming needs, nice meeting features

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