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Google prides themselves on their algorithms to index

Google prides themselves on their algorithms to index -...

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Google prides themselves on their  algorithms to index, search, refine, and retrieve the highest quality results on the web. The software behind their search technology only takes a few  seconds to produce some high quality results. The end result is a reliable, fast search and a  great user experience.   Google Images is one of my favorite search tools. I use it often to find images on the web for  projects, internal documents or other use that are catered to a specific topic or need. This tool is  very useful in my current job. I will gather customer information and examples; I will then send  these items over to our design department to have them craft power points or marketing  materials that are catered to a specific outlet.   Trends with Google are another query that I really like. It shows the top searched items for a  specific (user defined) time period. Not only does this provide pop culture entertainment, but 
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Unformatted text preview: Google Trends can provide information that is news worthy before it hits the television. At my job this query can provide information for customer needs or trends. It can show what people are looking for on the internet and will also uncover where we can advertize to get the most impact. Knol is a service from Google that works much like Wikipedia. Users input knowledge and can broadcast this information to the world. Unlike Wiki, Google Knol links users together with similar knowledge base and also allows freedom of expression. This site can be very useful for work or school to uncover best practices with regard to a variety of topics. With Knol, you can also incorporate new media and documents to create a more comprehensive learning environment....
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