home page - attractive to a project work team. You are...

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Virtual Teaming Your Name Here (Logo?) Think of a design element to fill the space Recent picture update: (In trouble for using Blackberry during the lifeboat drill!) External Link - After you visit this site, change this to a credible project resource. Internal Link - You will upload your resume here (doc or pdf). Personal Biography: For this semester - Write a personal statement about your goals and aspirations Include information related to unique skills, abilities, and work ethic. Prepare at least 2 paragraphs and please remember to check grammar and spelling! Think of this as your interview statement to join a team. If potential teammates read this, would you be selected?
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Professional Biography: Write a summary of your professional skills; include skills that make you
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Unformatted text preview: attractive to a project work team. You are asked to include information about your communication skills, application skills, and/or leadership skills. Prepare a narrative that you could potentially use in an interview to tell a potential employer about your skills and abilities. Work Breakdown: Describe all of the steps you took to complete this assignment. This is your step-by-step recap of everything you did to modify code and publish a page with 3 files (index, picture, and resume (more if necessary)). Use this opportunity to show the skills you have learned. Provide detail about each step on the assignment. When you are done, ask yourself, could someone who has never done this assignment, follow what you wrote and complete the work. If the answer is "no", you need more detail....
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home page - attractive to a project work team. You are...

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