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Atlanta, Ga. June 10, 2010 TO: All Associates Worldwide This morning we announced that we will acquire Curmudgeon Works’ entire business, which consists of approximately 75 percent of U.S. distributor outlets. A new entity, which will retain the name Curmudgeon Works, will be created to hold Curmudgeon Works’ international businesses. Curmudgeon Works has agreed in to continue their operation and expand internationally. This will ensure they continue their geographic coverage. In addition, Curmudgeon Works will have the right to acquire any future international operations. During these acquisitions we will be assessing the business needs locally and remotely between both organizations. In doing so, we will perform an audit of all positions and assets held between the two companies. As a result of this audit we will assess
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Unformatted text preview: duplication; once this duplication is identified positions effected will be eliminated. Over the next year this assets audit will take place. We will continue to present data as transparently as possible as to keep employees involved with the current proceedings. We believe at Acme being upfront and honest is our number one competitive advantage. Employee engagement is vital to the Curmudgeon Works, and the future of our business depends on each and every one of you. The most important thing you can do is to continue to work diligently and provide the best service to consumers and customers. I hope that all Acme employees worldwide will join me in making this evolution part of the next era of growth and greatness for our Company. Ryan Cochell CFO: North American Division. 1 New age Plz Atlanta GA, 12345...
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