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The Speech Evaluation: I’d like to share a few things with you regarding great presentations and how to recognize them. When a speaker has your attention, you get lost in the topic. You smile when they smile, you watch their movements, and you look forward to the opportunity to interact. While it might seem that this happens naturally, there are actually some structural points that make this much more likely. It’s helpful to look at these in five sections – these are the same sections that you will use as headings in your Speech Evaluation. It is also a good guideline to follow for your presentation later this semester. Introduction: A good introduction arouses the audience’s interest in your topic, establishes credibility, and prepares the audience for what will follow. Arouse Interest: If you will be discussing a matter of profound significance that will personally affect the members of your audience, chances are they'll listen regardless of how you begin. Other subjects call for more imagination. The best approach to dealing with an uninterested audience is to appeal to human nature and encourage people to take the subject personally. Show them how they'll be affected as individuals. Another way to arouse the audience’s interest is to draw out ideas and encourage comments from the audience throughout your presentation. Of course, this technique works better with a small group of co-workers than it does when you’re addressing a large audience. Other techniques include: (1) using humor (but only if you are naturally funny), (2) telling a story, (3) using startling statistics, (4) relating to them personally, and (5) asking the audience a question. Look for these techniques and others listed in your textbook in the speech that you are watching and analyzing. Establishing Credibility If you're speaking to a familiar, open-minded audience, establishing your credibility is relatively easy. The difficulty comes when you try to earn the confidence of strangers, especially those predisposed to be skeptical or antagonistic. One way to build credibility is to let someone else introduce you. If you're introducing yourself, plan to keep your comments simple. At the same time, don't be afraid to mention your accomplishments and tell your audience who you are and why you are there. If you are using presentation
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SpeechEvaluationNotes - The Speech Evaluation Id like to...

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