Biology 150 syllabus

Biology 150 syllabus - BIOLOGY 150 FJ MWF 1:25 pm + W 5 pm;...

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BIOLOGY 150 FJ MWF 1:25 pm + W 5 pm; FALL 2009 , Room SA 126 Instructor : Dr. David Wilson. phone = 305-284-6421; e-mail: Office hours = Wed. & Thur. at 10:30 am, plus other times as available (feel free just to stop by, or you can call to make an appointment). Office = 237 Cox Science (second floor, take the corridor on outside of building. I’m at the corner pointing toward fountain). I try to respond to e-mail within 24 hours on weekdays. Biology 150 is a challenging introduction to biology, emphasizing cellular and molecular biology, genetics, and aspects of physiology. It is intended for biology majors, premedical students, etc. Do the assigned reading BEFORE class, and don't fall behind. I will do my best to give you a sense of the beauty in nature and in our knowledge of it. Expect to work hard--there is a lot to master, and the pace is fast. Don't hesitate to see me if I can help--that is what I am here for. Textbooks : 1. Biology by Campbell and Reece, Eighth Edition, bundled with free copy of Inquiry in Action . 2. Introduction to Biology by Wilson (note: there’s no longer a web site associated with the book) [Note: if you are a student in my class and purchase a new (not used) copy of my textbook, I will return my approximate, after-tax royalty to you. Just stop by my office with your copy of the book.] LECTURE/WORKSHOP TOPICS AND READING ASSIGNMENTS (Chapters are listed in parentheses; C = Campbell and Reece; W = Wilson) 8/26 Introduction to Science and Life (C = 1; W = 1) 8/26 (no workshop) 8/28 Atoms, Chemical Bonds, and Water (C = 2,3; W = 2) 8/31 Carbon, Functional Groups, and Molecules (C = 4,5; W = 3) 9/2 Molecules and Macromolecules of Life (C = 5; W = 3) 9/2 5 pm Workshop Orientation in SA 126 9/4 DNA and the Secrets of Life (C = 16; W = 9) 9/7 LABOR DAY HOLIDAY 9/9 RNA and Transcription (C = 17; W = 10) 9/9 5 pm Workshop I: Life and its chemistry 9/11 Translation and the Genetic Code (C = 17; W = 10) 9/14 Energy and Thermodynamics (C = 8; W = 6) 9/16 Enzyme Structure and Function (C = 8; W = 6)
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Biology 150 syllabus - BIOLOGY 150 FJ MWF 1:25 pm + W 5 pm;...

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