BIL 151 Midterm study guide

BIL 151 Midterm study guide - BIL 151 Midterm study guide...

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BIL 151 Midterm study guide For each lab, know what the purpose of the lab was and what you did for the lab. Be able to answer all the quiz questions. They are posted on blackboard in the documents section. Lab 1: Steps of the scientific method 1. Observes some natural phenomenon that brings to mind a problem/question 2. Formulates an hypothesis about that problem 3. Predicts whether data to be collected (via controlled experiments or field observations) will reliably indicate whether the null hypothesis is true or false. 4. Designs and executes experiments 5. Analyzes experimental data 6. Rejects (or fails to reject) the null hypothesis, according to data analysis 7. Draws a conclusion about the original question Null vs. Alternative hypothesis The alternate hypothesis is the hypothesis that the researcher expects will be proven, the hypothesis of interest The null hypothesis is the opposite of the alternate 1-tailed vs. 2-tailed alternative hypothesis (what is the difference? What would each of these look like?) 1-tailed=determine the direction in which observed results deviate from the expected. Harder to reject Ex. Using Fat-B-Gone will increase the amount of weight lost 2-tailed= does not predict a direction, aka up or down Ex. There will be a difference in between people using or not using “ T-test. What is it, why do you use it, in what situation would it be appropriate to use it? I will not ask you to calculate a t value or p value, but know the difference between them, how you get a p value from a t value (given the proper table) and how to interpret the results of a T-test. T-test is a statistical test used to determine if there is a significant difference
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BIL 151 Midterm study guide - BIL 151 Midterm study guide...

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