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BIL 151 Lab section K1/U4 Name:_________________________________________ Quiz 7 Choose the one best answer 1) In the aerobic respiration part of lab last week, you were looking at ways of altering. .. a. the rate of oxygen consumption b. the rate of oxygen production c. the rate of fermentation d. none of the above 2) Name an organism that can do aerobic and anaerobic metabolism. Yeast, Humans (muscle cells). Also accepted plants, because photosynthesis is a type of metabolism (producing sugars instead of breaking them down) 3) Describe the purpose of aerobic and anaerobic metabolism.
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Unformatted text preview: What goes into and comes out of each type of reaction? The purpose of both is to break down sugars to make energy (ATP). Aerobic respiration requires oxygen, anaerobic does not. In aerobic respiration, oxygen and sugar are taken in, and ATP, carbon dioxide and water are produced. In anaerobic respiration, sugars are taken in (in the absence of oxygen) and carbon dioxide, ATP, and ethanol or lactic acid are produced. 4) What type of statistical test should you have done to analyze your data for today’s presentation? a. t-test b. chi-squared...
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